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Ideas pop up all over the place…


I love it when you read about a marketing idea
that makes you smile. I just had to write about this
in my blog and post it immediately because that’s
what having a blog is all about right?

Every day I get two Marketing Magazine email
news brief updates. And in this morning’s was a
story about how everyone is getting in on the
upcoming Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF).
Last week, the airport welcomed TIFF in their own way.

On an average busy day at the airport, the luggage carousel
light and buzzer sounded and then all of a sudden
1,000 boxes of popcorn poured onto the carousel.
The look on the people’s faces is priceless.
The smiles, the chuckles, the snapping of photos,
the munching of popcorn … you can see it all.
And it makes me smile. You have to go check it out for yourself.

You know as a marketer that the impact was great that day,
immediately touching those in the area, and there were people
on hand to pass out the boxes to travellers to extend it a bit further.
But the reach goes WAYYY beyond that…. the PR component kicked
in today as I read the story, viewed the video they obviously shot that
day and smiled.
And blogged about it. Nice job guys.