Shoemaker’s children…

 Why is that I always feel like the shoemaker’s children?

I am, of course, referring to the fact that while I build
programs and make recommendations for clients, stressing
the importance of social media, and blogging and being
consistent and regular, my little blog falls to the wayside.

My clients get fantastic blog entries and thought-provoking,
dialogue-generating communication and my poor little blog
sits exposed on the internet with last year’s worn out shoes.  Sigh…

My new year’s resolution was to be more consistent.
It really was. And I’ve had a million ideas and started writing
in my head many, many times. But then a call came, or meeting
prep was required, or a writing deadline was looming…and once
again, my child was patted on the head and told, “I’ll be back soon.
No really. I promise.”

Tonight, as I researched and wrote my client’s blog, I could hear
my baby calling for me to come and play. And I felt guilty. And so,
even though I have 3 other deadlines, a growling tummy
(man, I skipped lunch again!) and a need to just stretch and
get away from the desk, I am writing and posting this blog.
And smiling. Because it feels good and reminds me of why I
started this in the first place.

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