Today we remember…

Ten years ago today I had an appointment with a headhunter
in Toronto. I had been let go from the last agency I worked for
about four weeks earlier and while what I really wanted to do was
start my own company, I was looking for a full-time job with a
steady paycheck.

I had the TV turned on to see what the traffic into the city was like.
I was in the bathroom doing my makeup when I heard a commotion
on the TV and came to see what they were talking about. As I watched
the live program, the second plane flew into the World Trade Centre
in New York. I watched as the plane hit the building and like the rest of
the world, was stunned.

My first thought was that there must be a problem with air traffic control
at one of the local NY airports. Why else would two planes hit massive
buildings? Your mind tries to make sense of what it is seeing. Very quickly
the reporting told a different story, although no one really understood what
was happening.

I still had to drive into Toronto. It was an absolutely beautiful day, with
blue skies and the occasional floating cloud. The perfect fall day.

My appointment was in Yorkville and as I parked the car and made my
way to the building, people walking around me were on cell phones and I
could catch snippets of conversations. “Have you heard from….” “I can’t reach….”
“Can you get me a flight home?” The film festival was in town
and people who might otherwise have been in NY or who knew people
in NY were desperately trying to connect and reach loved ones.

There was an almost eerie feeling to Toronto that day. I thought it rather
ironic that as many people were trying to get out of the city – because who knew?
might be next – I was driving into it, and right through the
heart of the financial district.

The world was changed that day.

For me personally, several really interesting jobs I was considering dried
up because the tourism market was impacted so severely. I turned down
several jobs because I recognized that their expectations were completely
out of line in what was going to be the new business reality over the next
year. And I decided to see if I could make it on my own.

Here I am, 10 years later. It’s been a decade of immense change.

I’ve won 18 business awards in the last four years alone and been named
Small Agency of the Year three times. I value my family and true friends
more than ever. I embrace the opportunity to work with clients that look
for ways to incorporate social responsibility and helping and educating
others to make changes in small and large ways. I strive to meet new
people, enjoy new experiences and help others find their way. I look for
ways each and every day to bring kindness, grace, wisdom and learning
into my life and to those around me. And I take the time to enjoy my life
and live in the moment, for today…even if that is a simple as taking my
morning coffee out onto the porch to check out how the new baby mourning doves in
the nest in my hanging fern plant are doing.

Today, I take a moment to stop, reflect and remember.
And to wish you all well.


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