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Creating Mind Maps

I’ve recently discovered the wonderful process of creating Mind Maps.

A visual representation of a bunch of thoughts or text or an entire course outline. Maybe even what you need to say at that next meeting or family discussion.

I learned about them in my recent Ontario Extend Technologist module and I find I am using them for many different uses, work and personal.

For example, here is the outline for the Marketing 1 course I am currently teaching. It all starts out from the core central idea or subject — in this case Marketing 1040 — and breaks down into key concepts by topic. The green arrows indicate teaching flow. There is one bubble that shows the evaluation summary.

It is easier to visualize than several pages of text.

I used Mindomo’s free version to create mine. www.mindomo.com

Mind Map for Marketing 1 Class

Next time you have to tackle having to describe a process, or sharing a lot of thoughts, consider using a Mind Map.