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30 years of business and still loving it…and learning

I was watching The Today Show with Stephen Cobert one night and Matthew Broderick was his guest. He was talking about the 30th Anniversary of that movie classic, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. The two were reminiscing about all the well-known scenes and I was laughing out loud along with them. “Bueller…Bueller…” and then they mentioned that it came out in 1986 and then moved on to discussing 1987.

1987???? Wait a second…that’s the year I graduated from university and started working.


I wasn’t laughing anymore.

Time flies when you’re having fun. Okay, it wasn’t all exactly fun, but it was interesting. And challenging. And I’ve learned a lot.

Oh the things I’ve learned to do for clients! I’ve learned to drive a race car…I’ve learned to make pickles…and filmed how pasta is made….

And the things I’ve done….I’ve danced with Olympic mascots and Mickey Mouse and thrown a party for Barbie at Casa Loma; I’ve launched Excel gum using one of the very first guerilla experiential programs in Canada; and texting in Canada….I launched cell phone texting in Canada – nobody thought that was going to catch on! I still remember trying to explain that to media.

I’ve written crisis plans that you hoped would never be needed, and developed product recalls plans on the fly as they were happening because plans were never written. I’ve dealt with bomb threats, fire hazards, company safety needs and personal death threats.

I’ve thrown parties for P. Diddy and Beyoncé to launch their fashion lines in Canada.

And I know the Caramilk secret….

I recently just finished a six month, full-time contract, going back to my roots and doing agricultural marketing communications.  I immersed myself in farming, seeds, corn, weeds and so much more, gaining insight about innovative new advances. It was wonderful. While I was still at Ryerson taking Journalism, I wrote agricultural stories for The Guelph Mercury and had a summer job with the Ontario Ministry of Agricultural, Food and Rural Affairs. It’s interesting how you can come find yourself coming full circle.

It’s been an exciting 30 years. I still love what I do. And I’m still learning. Every day.

Ideas pop up all over the place…


I love it when you read about a marketing idea
that makes you smile. I just had to write about this
in my blog and post it immediately because that’s
what having a blog is all about right?

Every day I get two Marketing Magazine email
news brief updates. And in this morning’s was a
story about how everyone is getting in on the
upcoming Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF).
Last week, the airport welcomed TIFF in their own way.

On an average busy day at the airport, the luggage carousel
light and buzzer sounded and then all of a sudden
1,000 boxes of popcorn poured onto the carousel.
The look on the people’s faces is priceless.
The smiles, the chuckles, the snapping of photos,
the munching of popcorn … you can see it all.
And it makes me smile. You have to go check it out for yourself.

You know as a marketer that the impact was great that day,
immediately touching those in the area, and there were people
on hand to pass out the boxes to travellers to extend it a bit further.
But the reach goes WAYYY beyond that…. the PR component kicked
in today as I read the story, viewed the video they obviously shot that
day and smiled.
And blogged about it. Nice job guys.